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We adhere to the undeniable reality that contemporary kitchen craves contemporary appliances. We also believe that kitchen is the heart of every home and that it should be designed around what is truly important: Food, Family and Life, to add a touch of hygiene combined with comfort. However, frying, grilling and preparing foods with gas and electric stoves releases a trail of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, toxic odors and other volatile organic compounds.Best range hoods is an essential part of kitchen.

Using a properly venting range hood eradicates these toxic chemicals from your home and protects your family. Hence, these best range hood brands constitute an integral part of any kitchen configuration and the market is crowded with their varied styles encompassing distinct features.

Table of Contents:

1. How We Tested?
2. Overall Best Seller
3. Best High-End
4. Feature Description of the Top 10 Air Purifiers
5. The Bottom Line

How We Tested?

There are few significant factors we need to consider before buying like the unit’s Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating, ductless or vented exhaust options, installation options and lighting as well as aesthetics, airflow, filtration and design.

Consequently, we began our research by tirelessly reading hundreds of reviews posted by consumers on websites that sell, dedicating 3 entire weeks in the process. Next, we prepared the same meal in our lab using the exact ingredients and measurements under different hoods with a particle counter and stopwatch intact.

We made spinach rice over and over again as the air counter took note of the particles emitted before and after every cooking and the efficiency of the hood in capturing them during the given time frame.

This way it was easier to check and compare the efficiency and the authenticity of the manufacturer’s stated Airflow Rating and Noise Level production. Besides incorporating the stable unvaried parameters, every measure was taken by our team so that they can come up with the most flawless and impeccable results,

The following factors and their respective weights were also taken into consideration, by our team while formulating the Top 10 List:

1) Coverage Area (15%): An efficient hood must spread over all the burners of the stove top.

2) CFM Rating (15%): It must surpass the minimal Air Flow Rating of 200 cubic feet per minute as approved by the Home Ventilating Institute.

3) Sound Production (10%): The hood should produce a minimal noise of 3 sones or less.

4) Spacing (5%): A hollow space under the hood works excellent for collecting funes.

5) Length of the Duct (5%): Ideally the ductwork must be designed with minimal bends and elbows for an uninterrupted recirculation.

The rest of the 50% was allotted to the most significant feature i.e. Particle Elimination. Needless to say, the top 10 high scorers made to our list.

In the end, we sincerely hope that this list is exactly what you’re looking for and that it not only saves you time trying to find the right model but also helps you get the most value for your money!

Overall Best Seller

Our top pick is the Broan 413004 non-ducted range hood. Cooks of all capacities appreciate the part it plays in eliminating smoke and odours from the kitchen. Thanks to its unique Microtek System, it can keep the air circulating even with heavy smoke or high heat.

Best High-End

The Fotile JQG7501 range hood will satisfy all your contemporary needs and will ensure odour- and grease-free cooking, regardless of what you cook. Hence, it has been honoured as the Best High-End when the current configuration of your kitchen, as well as your cooking style and needs, dictate the need of a powerful and efficient under cabinet range hood which outshines from the rest of the crowd.

List of Top 10 Best Range Hoods 2019

Image Brand Price View on Amazon
Broan 413004 Series $78.95 View on Amazon
Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED $199.99 View on Amazon
Tatsumaki TA-S18 $349.99 View on Amazon
Proline PLJW 185 $364.95 View on Amazon
FOTILE JQG7501 $1199 View on Amazon
BV Stainless Steel Ducted $329 View on Amazon
XtremeAir Ultra Series UL10-U30 $455.40 View on Amazon
Cavaliere SV218B2-30 $248.84 View on Amazon
Cosmo Stainless Steel Range Hood $179.99 View on Amazon
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible $149.99 View on Amazon

Following is a detailed guide to the Best 10 Kitchen Range Hood:

(P.S. Price, Review and Ratings mentioned below are as of the date the article was produced. To check the latest info regarding them, click on the Amazon Link)

Broan 413004 Series Non-Ducted Range HoodBroan 413004 Series Non-Ducted Range Hood

View on Amazon

According to a statement made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality is up to 5 times and occasionally up to 100 times worse than outdoors; with cooking contaminants being a major contributor of pollution.

In such circumstances, Broan comes to your rescue. Incorporating high-end easy-to-clean, easy-to-maintain features to free you from the struggles of an everyday greasy kitchen, Broan presents its 41000 Series of range hood at a competitive price! So, enjoy every moment in the kitchen physically and mentally.


a) Microtek System

Committed for more than 80 years to bring safety, beauty, cleanliness and comfort to your kitchen, this non-ducted stainless steel range hood is surely a ground-breaking invention with its Microtek System to eliminate airborne pollutants emerging from cooking.It is best cooker hoods type.

b) Ductless Charcoal Filter

Manufactured in the United States, it includes a removable combination of a non-ducted grease-charcoal filter for effective recirculation and a fan, designed for trouble-free service for all the times to come.

c) LED Lightning

The best part is, you will love the light that casts from the new LED lights, with a protective lens, accepting up to a 75-watt bulb. They are energy-efficient and bright enough to cover your whole range evenly.


Broan strives to make your every moment spent while cooking to be happy and relaxed. With mitred sides and hemmed bottom, it enhances the contemporary look of any kitchen besides, offering a variety of appliance matching widths and colours including White, Almond, Black, Biscuit, Bisque and Stainless Steel quiet range hood.

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Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel Range Hood

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Stainless Steel Range Hood

View on Amazon

Kitchen Bath has dedicated its time, energy, and resources to perfecting products that enhance the quality of life through their team’s unmitigated attention and dedication to kitchen betterment.

Thereby, they have become one of the fastest growing companies throughout the world. Their STL75-LED stainless steel wall hood with two flexible chimneys having sleek curved edges can rightly be called, ‘an epitome of elegance’.


a) Touch Screen Control Panel

Now you can conveniently monitor the 3 different speed settings with the touch of your finger.

b) Aluminium Duct

The adjustable duct supports convenient flexible fixing either on wall or ceiling.

c) Grease and Carbon Filters

The dishwasher-safe aluminium micro-cell grease filters and charcoal carbon filters provide a supplementary vent-free installation alongside promoting a hygienic cooking with the absolutely pollution-free environment.

d) LED Lightning

Kitchen Bath’s most prominent feature is the bright light cascading from 2 LEDs, each with 49 bulbs, as compared to an approximate 15 bulbs in other models- which is even less than one-third of its brightness!


This 29.6 inches wide and 19.7 inches deep hood is constructed using corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel intended to last a lifetime; with an easy-to-adjust height of up to 41 inches and a maximum suction capacity of 700 cubic meters per hour, or about 412 CFM. Moreover, its dynamic design provides effective, quiet airflow and provides full coverage of the entire cooking surface the fan sits over. In a nutshell, Kitchen Bath has taken the perfect combination of every detail, aiming to create the best kitchen hood which takes utmost care of cooking fumes. So, why settle for anything less than the best?

Tatsumaki TA-S18 Contemporary Design Range HoodTatsumaki TA-S18 Contemporary Design Range Hood

View on Amazon

According to a Research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average American spends 93% of their time indoors.

In such circumstances, it is absolutely inevitable to take utmost care of the filtration of cooking contaminants, smoke and fume generated through large amounts of cooking. Hence, Tatsumaki adheres to the belief that the only way out is to improve the tradition and challenge the limits of technology in the quest to redefine the landscape of kitchen.


a) Dual Motor

Tatsumaki powerful dual motor range hood with 800 Cubic Feet per Minute performs wonders in eliminating grease, odors, etc. A free grease container also tags along this model.

b) Easy-to-remove Baffle Filters

These stainless steel filters are removable for their time cleaning and washing to sustain the hood’s productivity.

c) Halogen Lightning

Moreover, good visibility is important while using your stove. So why assort for a cheaper model with poor lightening when Tatsumaki has in-built mighty halogen lamps?

d) Clock

Made in China, this classic unit specifically incorporates features like a display screen with clock to enhance time management and punctuality of professional cooks.

e) Auto Shut-Down

This function embedded in the Display Screen enables the hood to quit working when not in use so as to cut down the unwanted energy-consumption.

f) 6 Programmable Speeds

For all the meticulous culinarians out there, it is one of the few models of its kind that offers a myriad of 6-speed options to choose from.


In a nutshell, Tatsumaki is unceasingly committed to bringing safety, beauty, cleanliness and comfort to your home as evident in its TA-S18 model which combines style and performance in a manner, simply unrivalled in the range hood industry. Therefore, it has received the honour to secure a whopping 72% 5-Star rating from satisfied consumers across the globe.

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Proline PLJW 185 Range HoodProline PLJW 185 Range Hood

View on Amazon


Ever heard of a range hood which is only 5 inches high, yet producing 600 CFM of amazing dual blow? Obviously not! But well, Proline wall and under cabinet range hood with stainless steel construction is the one.

Neither a single mm wider nor a single inch higher; Proline features the exact height, the accurate width, the most appropriate angle, in short the most suitable details, to come up with the most fastidious professional range hood that ever existed.


a) Dual LED Lightening

This high airflow ducted unit includes two energy-efficient LED lights, of 1.5 watts each, to illuminate the cooking area.

b) Baffle Filters

These dishwasher-safe stainless steel filters are an ideal buy. The grease-filled air travels rapidly through the filter but because of its high-density grease settles on the tray of the filter. This, in turn, ensures an ever-lasting durability.

c) Super Quiet Motor Function

With a negligible 3 sone noise at its lowest and an extremely tolerable 5 sones noise at its maximum, coupled with the superior airflow as compare to mesh filters, its muteness is incomparable in the field.

d) Various Venting Outlet Options

The detachable rear panels enable the unit to vent out straight back through the wall or on the top.

e) Touches Button Controls for 4 Speeds

With an awestruck combination of being slim yet powerful, it offers 4 adjustable blower speeds to be controlled via stainless touch button controls.


In addition, using the USA and Canada Certified 110 volts or 60 Hz of energy, Proline offers 3 years limited warranty.  Owing to its amazing characteristics, this product will for sure leave you wondering how you ever survived without it?

Fotile JQG7501 Range HoodFotile JQG7501 Range Hood 

View on Amazon

The launch of the first Fotile range hood in 1996 redefined Chinese kitchens with its breakthrough technology. Within 20 years the company conducted meticulous research in their advance and world’s biggest kitchen appliance laboratories.

As of 2016, Fotile held more than 700 invention patents with above 30,000,000 million families relishing the Fotile quality living.


a) Dual Centrifugal Fan Function

The twin system is there to boost up the fan performance so that it eliminates and then discharges the toxic chemicals in half the speed. In addition, the tilted 45 degrees cavity designed with metal impeller, hampers oil from scattering all over the surface.

b) Automatic Fume Baffle Plate

Built at 90 degrees, the plate relies on two unique functions to ward off the airborne cooking pollutants from dispersing.

c) Extensive Covering Area

With a 30 inch extra wide fume inlet, this outstanding unit is definitely more bang for the buck, as it envelops a substantial area of 6 sf to avert all the cooking fumes from escaping.

d) Oil Filter and Tray

Stretching from left to right, its foldable and removable oversized oil filter with a tray is dishwasher-safe, making it extremely convenient to have a clean environment.

e) Screen Lock Function

This range hood contains remarkable features to conserve electricity like a screen lock function to switch it off when not in use.

f) Time Delay Function

Enclosed in the touch control panel is the time delay function to capture the residual fume till two minutes after you power off the hood.


Designed specifically for Asian style cooking, this is undoubtedly a favourited among builders and contractors with Fotile’s vow to cover Limited Warranty during the initial 5 years of purchase. It is for all these reasons the brand received the honour of 18 top International Design Awards (9 IF Design awards and 9 Red Dot awards), making Fotile the world leader in award-winning kitchen electronic design. So, be quick! Head to any one of our 1500 showrooms and experience our products in person.

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BV Stainless Steel Ducted Range HoodBV Stainless Steel Ducted Range Hood

View on Amazon

How to adjust the fan speed for quick cooking?
How can you clean the unwanted grease after cooking? BV accounts for every moment of the cooking experience from each aspect, on your behalf.

So, give your kitchen the highest quality range hood design and eliminate awkward mismatches with designer cabinets to leave an ever-lasting impression.


a) Dual Aluminium Motor

Functioning together to emit a powerful 800 Cubic Feet per Minute, they play a vital role for a purified indoor exhaust recirculation.

b) High Intensity LED Lights

The two vigorous energy-saving lights enable you to clearly visualize the meal and its original colours.

c) Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Superior in performance than other filters like mesh, they assure a lifetime of use, greater airflow, reduced noise production, enhanced durability, dishware friendliness, easy removal and hence, low maintenance.

d) Oil Cup

This removable filter features a larger accommodating space that requires cleaning less frequently- granting you the opportunity to enjoy cooking without any fumes escaping.


The designers at BV are definitely able to think outside the square and have struggled for ages trying to come up with the best hood, incorporating an artful design that heralds a new trend in kitchen aesthetics. E  Weber, an Amazon buyer reviewed it as an “Excellent Range Hood: This is a high-quality range hood that will exceed your overhead exhaust needs for a 30-inch gas or electric range. It is heavy duty, with no sharp corners or edges. Shipping was fast and the unit was packaged/protected very well. Highly satisfied customer.”

XtremeAir Ultra Series UL10-U30 Kitchen Range HoodXtremeAir Ultra Series UL10-U30 Kitchen Range Hood

View on Amazon

Venting smoke and fumes is an essential process for any stove- be it high-powered or ordinary.

So, getting a capable range hood should be a top priority whether you are remodelling your kitchen or require one for a new house.

From under-cabinet to ductless range hoods, there are many varieties to consider. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and has its Research and Development situated in California, XtremeAir Ultra Series is an ideal choice with everything perfect to provide you a perfect experience.


a) Mighty Airflow

With a robust airflow of 900 Cubic Feet per Minute, you can protect your and your family’s health with clean fresh indoor air. Higher CFM ultimately implies more airflow and faster odor removal.

b) Two Motors

This 22 inches long, 30 inches wide and 10 inches high state-of-the-art hood, gives a professional-grade appearance alongside power with its dual chamber motor which is as quiet as efficient at clearing the air.

c) Squirrel Cage Blowers

Weighing 53 pounds, it incorporates giant squirrel cage blowers. These centrifugal fans increase the speed and volume of an air stream with the rotating impellers to absorb cooking fumes faster and discharge quicker.

d) Oil Container

The stainless steel long oil tunnel spans evenly from left to right, covering all burners uniformly to control ventilation and prevent toxics from spreading.

e) Baffle Filters

These low maintenance stainless steel filters do a commendable job in moving the grease-filled air so as to extract and then settle grease on the trays of the filter.

f) Commercial Grade Construction

XtremeAir range hood is made with extremely thick 1.0 mm high quality non-magnetic stainless steel which intends to fight all the challenges in the kitchen so that, you worry less about accidental dings and scratches and use this exclusive hood the way you want!


XtremeAir has a special understanding of the kitchen environment, ergonomics, aesthetics, and integration within your home or restaurant.   They specialize in wall-mounted, island, or under cabinet range hoods giving rise to an extra-ordinary fume-free realm to make a statement in your kitchen. So, experience the art of cooking with their top-notch kitchen hoods which are simply the perfect fusion of beauty and technology built out of love.

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Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Wall Mount Range HoodCavaliere SV218B2-30 Wall Mount Range Hood

View on Amazon

Are you an easy victim of smoke smell that causes you to lose your appetite?

Are you tired of discovering freshly cooked meals with a stale smoke odour every other day? If you are nodding your head in affirmation, then sit back and relax! Cavaliere has now sought solutions to retain a cleaner and fresher air for longer.

For decades, the company has led the industry with residential ventilation techniques which improve indoor air quality and provide healthier home environments. Similarly, the SV218B2-30 wall-mounted range hood is one of its most economical and versatile hood for the filtration of airborne cooking contaminants.


a) Intelligent Design

Its telescopic chimney that fits up to a 9 inch ceiling, 6 inches circular duct vent and washable aluminum mesh grease filters which comes standard with this hood, are simply the best options for a range hood.

b) LCD Keypad

For all the punctual, accurate and thrifty master chefs out there, the good news is that Cavaliere includes a touch sensitive LCD Keypad with an eligible blue lightening featuring a timer, 6 different controllable speeds, a 30-hour cleaning reminder and a 1 hour 15 minutes programmable delayed automatic power shut-off.

c) Ultra-Quiet Operation

Do not let the 900 CFM centrifugal blower fool you! Despite its power, this is one of the quietest blowers in the industry with 218W low-pitched dual-chamber motor operation and an average sound level ranging from 25 dB to 56 decibels.

d) Halogen Lightning

Last but not the least, its two 35-watt dimmable halogen lights makes it a breeze to use.


All in all, this 19-gauge stainless steel range hood is a great look that complements any kitchen, and exclusively made to surpass Cavaliere standards while providing effective filtration, uncompromising quality, and unparalleled value.

Cosmo Stainless Steel Range HoodCosmo Stainless Steel Range Hood

View on Amazon

If you are in search for the latest, a la mode European and Italian-designed best range hoods, look nowhere else! Home cooks that do a lot of high-heat searing and find themselves battling smoke will appreciate the extraction capabilities of this incredible hood. A lot of other routine cooking tasks also benefit from its low and medium-power fan settings.


a) Ductless Ventilation

Experience the ductless filtration system with do-it-yourself installation under a cabinet or against a wall. Suitable for top or back venting it also includes an optional Carbon Filter Kit (Purchase Part # CFK4).

b) Stainless Steel Construction

This range hood is manufactured with 20-gauge brushed stainless steel and assembled with 430-grade for an up-to-date, commercial kitchen look that adds a lasting value to protect your health and indoor air quality.

c) 3 Speed Fans

Different cooking tasks release varied intensity of fumes. To fight them, this range hood responds accordingly. For subtle cooking opt for low, for mild heat choose medium while for the most rigorous task you can resort to the highest setting.

d) Super Slim Exterior

If you have a really cramped kitchen, this ultra-thin contour is an ideal choice as it saves your space. Offering a height of just 5 inches it can fit in nearly any kitchen and still bring a powerful 200 CFM to clean your air.

e) Aluminium Mesh Filters

These easy-to-replace dishwasher-friendly filters can be reused twice or thrice after cleaning. Moreover, they use a 5-inch round duct for exhaust vent.


Cosmo has been recognized as one of the leaders of quiet and powerful kitchen ventilation systems. While successfully maintaining their specialization, every member of the team focus on becoming the definitive kitchen ventilation brand in the appliance industry. Thus, as reviewed by Gocion “It is an excellent and really good looking range hood for an unbeatable price” while others have labelled it as ‘Sleek and Classy’, ‘Five Stars’, ‘Great Buy’, ‘Wonderful’ etc.

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

View on Amazon

Perfetto offers a complete stainless steel range hood collection blending superior components with the latest technological features.


a) Multiple Venting Options

Perfetto has created easy-to-convert range hoods which cater to your needs for either vented or vent less and ducted or ductless recirculation with its dynamic design.

b) Aluminium Mesh Filters

To trap the unwanted smoke, grease, moisture and oil away from your family, it contains multilayer aluminium filters. Each layer refines incoming air and captures grease pulled up from your cooking area. The twin filters can then be conveniently dropped in the dishwasher to give them a sparkling new finish.

c) Glass Canopy

Designed to elevate your cooking prowess in a stunning European Italian style, it’s uniformly covered with a clear glass canopy spanning from left to right to maximize your kitchen experience.

d) 3 Fan Settings

You can adjust the fan, capable of 400 CFM, in 3 different speeds- adamant to make you forget the heat, moisture and grease emerging from cooking and vent away the unwelcomed air pollutants and particles.

e) Dual LEDs

Requiring 2 watts of power for optimal operation, the energy-efficient LEDs are installed to save money on electricity, alongside increasing visibility while cooking.


Having earned a reputation for being well constructed and high-powered, the team at Perfetto is working tirelessly towards their aim of redefining the industry by focusing on quality, style, and design. It is for all these reasons that this product has surpassed the American as well as Canadian Safety Standards with flying colours. As stated by NAS, a consumer at Amazon, “I’m really in love with this hood. It looks great, works without any problems and it’s cheap. Importantly, the customer service is absolutely outstanding!……. Overall, great product and great sellers. What else do you need to be completely satisfied???”

The Bottom Line:

According to a Research conducted on the South Californian homes where cooking was done at least once a week, more than half had air pollution levels worst than the outdoor health limit because of the emission of fine polluted particles such as the hazardous nitrogen dioxide (a toxin that greatly contributes to respiratory disorders). In addition, burning fats produce a trail of lung irritant called acrolein which in turn leads to long-term health problems, like lungs and heart issues.

In such circumstances, it is absolutely inevitable to buy the best range hood to protect you and your family’s indoor living through air circulation. So, the next time you enter your kitchen always turn your fan on with medium to high setting for conscientious cooking tasks. Also, we need to clean grease from their filters periodically for optimal performance.

To sum up, with unimaginable ease and unrivalled elegance give style to smoke control through any one of the above 10 Best Range Hoods and create a kitchen that suits your lifestyle, needs and budget for your priceless love for cooking. These are best range hoods for the money.

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