Best Garage Door Locks 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Speaking about which garage door lock is better to choose, it is utmost important to understand that yourself need to take care of the doors . There is no point in a garage door made of a sheet of metal whose thickness is less than 4 mm.
As for the the garage lock to installation it should be know that there are no special garage closing method. Yes, on some models it is indicated that it is designed for garages, but they can also be successfully mounted on other doors as well. And vice versa – door locking devices are suitable for garage doors, but only if they have a high level of secrecy.

Most people unaware about best garage door locks, they do not know what kind of lock to install in the garage and are eager to acquire a dimensional, powerful mechanism with large crossbars. But do not think that such pain is guaranteed to reliably protect the garage from the entrance of burglars.

Mostly people who don’t know how to choose a garage door lock prefer lumber requiring lubrication. Its become the reason to jam the lock because the oil becomes a kind of “magnet”, that attract dust and dirt, which accumulates and can cause the device to jam. Mostly in cold season, the thickness of the oil increases significantly, which negatively affects the operation of the device. The coasting of zinc coating not only resistant to corrosion, but also reduces the frictional force arising between the levers and levers becomes harder.

Before buying a garage door security locks devices, special attention should be paid to its design features, the level of secrecy and the ability to effectively resist intelligent hacking methods. It is not worth while large key is also not a mandatory attribute of a reliable lock. This stereotype was developed long ago, but consumers could not get rid of it.

Overall Best Seller

Without a shred of doubt, the company which stands unparalleled is the “Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Lock”.As the global leader of doors lock technology, Schlage brand is committed to providing its customers with excellence in terms of innovation, design, quality, features, support and affordability.

Best High-End

Just in case you are on a hunt for an extravagance garage door locks, then you can confidently select “Code-a-Key All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical Keyless”, being the Best High-End garage door security locks. Transforming the history of the heater industry, it caters to your personalized door locks with uncompromising quality at low price and ethereal design.

Best 5 Garage Door Locks
Comparison Table

5 Best Garage Door Locks Reviews

1) Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Lock With Camelot Trim Garage Lock

Are you searching of best garage door locks? Since years the Schlage  brand has been on the forefront in providing best quality products to transform and enhance the home security . This Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt  makes getting in the door as easy as entering an access code on a touchscreen or using your smartphone to unlock the door before you even get out of the car.

This keyless door provide good quality of security and ease to your garage. This smart deadbolt lock you can access by your phone either is android smartphone or iPhone. This smart lock is excellent, you can manage deleted,update garage lock setting by your phone app.


a)Handel Through Smart Phone

Free iOS and Android smartphone app lets you manage codes, set schedules and view usage history.

b)Wifi Adapter Supported

It can lock and unlock from anywhere and any distance by pairing with the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter. Remember: Adapter sold separately.

c)Share Access- No Spare Keys Need More

This is excellent feature of this automatic garage door lock , you can share access with your friends and family with just a few taps in the Schlage Sense app – no more keeping track of spare keys.

FAQ Of Schlage's Garage Door Lock

Most frequent questions and answers

You can hit the icon or enter your code. It does not open based on proximity.

Only if you text or email them a code to physically enter.

2) All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical Keyless Latch Door Lock

Code-a-Key relentlessly pursues absolute perfection for all those who demand uncompromised quality at low price, ethereal design and utmost simplicity in their home security. After many years of success, the company began to expand their top-notch state-of-the-art products to a global market.


a) Warranty

Code-a-Key provide one year of warranty of this dual Keypads for 2-way security. reliable mechanical operation – No batteries or power feed needed.

b) Independent Keypad Programming

This allow you to secure your garage two way with code and without code separately on each keypad. It provide the features of Quick Code design, the code is set on the back of the keypad.

c) 2 Way Entry Control

Its dual keypad security provide the secure keyless entry solution not for only garage but also for windowpane doors, wrought iron gates and other areas requiring 2-way entry control. It has best garage door keypad.

FAQ Of Code-a-Key's Garage Door Lock

Most frequent questions and answers

It means that there is a keypad on both sides of the lock. If you want to go in, you have to type the code. If you want to go out, you have to type the code. It’s typically used when there might be a way to reach over, around, or through the door/gate to get to the the inside handle, so you don’t want a simple twist lock on that side.

This suitable for 35~50mm wooden door.

It could work on a gate, attaches from both sides of the door like a standard dead bolt with a screw going through to attach and secure the other side.

3) Digital M210ABDC Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Garage Door Keypad Lock

Outstanding in its field of security locks, LockeyUSA has been manufacturing the best lock for garage door that money can buy to add a great accent to any home security. This M210ABDC  mechanical keyless deadbolt double combination with adjustable deadbolt digital lock. The back piece is already attached to the front piece. The units have to be disassembled and then reassembled onto the garage door.


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a)Easy Installation

If you have ever installed a lock on a garage door with existing holes, you can install this lock easily in few minutes. This automatic garage locks is easy to install.

b)Weather Proof

This lock is mechanical and 100% weather proof door locking system.

c)Aluminum Stainless Body

It is made out of aluminum stainless steel, so it will keep unwanted visitors away from you garage as much as possible.


FAQ Of Lockey USA's Garage Door Lock

Most frequent questions and answers

LockeyUSA keyless mechanical locks have a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

Yes, you can enter the numbers in any order and the door will unlock. It’s the disadvantage of a mechanical lock versus an electronic lock.

The M-210-BC-DC has buttons on both sides.

4) Codelocks CL390K BS Codelocks with Deadbolt Back to Back Keypad, Key Bypass

This automatic garage door lock is good for cold winter days. If you are searching door lock that battery operating system not fail in too cold weather then this is for you. It undoubtedly offers good battery operating system and operate easily. This model is installed for doors that thickness is 1 3/8″ to 2 1/2″. This lock will fit doors winging right or left, in or out and you will get push button key pad on both sides.


a) PVD weather resistant

It is best weather resistant garage lock, its work in too cold weather.

b) Stainless Steel Button

It has 14 stainless steel buttons. It works perfectly and need low maintenance finish.

c) Unbreakable Security Code

Codelocks CL390K code may be changed to one of 8,191 different non-sequential codes-storage for single code, key override with 6 pin C keyway screw-cap type, it make strong garage security.

FAQ Of Codelocks's Garage Door Lock

Most frequent questions and answers

This lock has keypads on both ends. It also has a traditional key override on both ends too. This is a deadbolt lockset.

Does this automatically lock when the door closes?

You can set the lock for the same combination on both sides or two different ones. It is really very nice.

5) Kwikset 912 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Garage Door Lock

Kwikset 912 Z is the one which offers nothing less than optimal garage security. Bringing together the elements of ethereal design, exceptional performance and utmost value in strong weather conditions, you can depend on this brand to offer both modern style and functionality while effectively optimizing their home security.


a) Voice Control

Its works with Alexa for voice control. You can lock and unlock with voice command.

b) SmartKey re-key technology

Its featured enriched with SmartKey re-key technology; re-key the lock yourself in seconds in 3 easy steps. Now you can enter your garage with the convenience of keyless entry and the back-lit keypad provides increased visibility..

c) Z-Wave

You can receive notification about the status of your garage security either its lock or unlock via email or text. It supported Z-Wave.

FAQ Of Kwikset's Garage Door Lock

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, this will work with right or left handed doors.

No, You have to change them on the lock. Wink contols lock and unlock only.

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